Our Process

At the base of almost all Samuel’s Schorle fruit juice sparkling drinks are tasty teas (such as peppermint, orange blossom, or rosehip tea), which are freshly brewed in-house. Afterwards, we blend the teas with 100% pure juices and lightly carbonate them. Thanks to our special carbonation process, Samuel’s Schorle gets infused with very fine bubbles – which brings out the flavor better and creates a smoother drink.

Tea Flavors: Aside from our original Apple sparkling juice drink, our other flavors blend organic teas and herbal infusions to create the base of our spritzers. The well-balanced and rich tea aromas blend with the fruit flavors, creating a drink that doesn’t need any added sugar or other additives.

Pure Fruit Juices: Carefully selected, 100% pure fruit juices are used for Samuel’s Schorle, which are harmoniously blended with our teas to create our delicious drinks.

Carbonation Process: Thanks to a special carbonization process, Samuel’s Schorle has very small, fine bubbles that not only lift the flavor of the drink, but also provide a light and refreshing experience!

Moreover, we take oxygen out of the drink which ensures that the taste and color of the drink stays stable over time and preserves the quality of Samuel’s Schorle’s ingredients.