About Samuel’s Schorle

Creating sensible alternatives to the sweet drinks currently on the market.

Originally created for our son Samuel, we, the parents and owners of the beverage company Euelbräu, wanted to make a sparkling fruit juice drink that tastes good and is a more natural choice for our family. In order to develop a product that provided delicious flavours and a natural alternative to other sugar-filled drinks on the market, we decided to use pure organic fruit juices and unsweetened tea that come from Switzerland whenever possible. All our spritzers are contain no preservatives, acidity regulators or other unnatural substances. Moreover, there is no sugar added. Samuel‘s Schorle contains only the sugar which is naturally in the fruit juices.

After testing various tea-based recipes for several months by our target group and by Samuel’s friends, we finally created four sparkling fruit juice drinks that everyone approved of and loved. Since then, Samuel’s Schorle has become a favorite drink with a lot of grown-ups too, who are still young at heart and looking for a natural and delicious sparkling refreshment.

Our Process for

Crafting Samuel’s Schorle

At the base of almost all Samuel’s Schorle fruit juice sparkling drinks are tasty teas (such as peppermint, orange blossom, or rosehip tea), which are freshly brewed in-house. Afterwards, we blend the teas with 100% pure juices to lightly carbonate them. Thanks to our special carbonation process, Samuel’s Schorle gets infused with very fine bubbles – which brings out the flavor better and creates a smoother drink.

Moreover, we take oxygen out of the drink which ensures that the taste and color of the drink stays stable over time and preserves the quality of Samuel’s Schorle’s ingredients.


Our Team

Creating Samuel’s Schorle was a journey that we started together as a family. Our son Samuel inspired us to produce a healthy, delicious, and family-friendly drink and every variety is tested and approved by him — and his friends. Daniel — Samuel’s father — and the rest of the Samuel’s Schorle team produce and bottle our drinks. Sabine — Samuel’s mother — ensures that people know about our sparkling juice and sells it to all those who want to buy it.