Samuel’s Spritzer Raspberry / Rosehip – 33cl

Fresh spritzer with apples, raspberries and rosehip and no added sugar.

A flavor-packed, fruity raspberry apple spritzer combines organic rosehip tea with raspberry and apple juices.

Juice is always used in the production of Samuel’s Spritzers. Here apples and raspberries are used as regional fruits. The other half of the craft spritzer consists of rosehip tea. These fine herbs had all summer to thrive in clean mountain air on soil rich in minerals.

This drink is made without extra sugar. There is also no addition of acidity regulators, preservatives or other non-natural substances.

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About the Flavors

The juicy Samuel’s spritzer with its sparkling freshness quenches thirst in a wonderful way. This craft spritzer is mainly made from regional fruits. The tea herbs come from Switzerland, where they are also dried and then shipped.

Our Story

The idea for Samuel’s Schorle started with our son, Samuel, and wanting to provide a healthier drink option for kids. By sourcing natural ingredients and vigorously testing flavours with Samuel and his friends, we created four delicious, refreshing spritzers that became Samuel’s Schorle.

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